- buying certainty with your pension nest egg

Who is this service suitable for?

This service is suitable for those of you who understand their own financial needs. It allows you purchase an Annuity at a discounted cost.

How We Can Help

Our role is to furnish you with the quotation and disclosure information. We also ensure that the documentation received is correct and we provide assistance with processing the application.

You will not receive any advice on which company has the best annuity rate or which options you should choose under your annuity contract.

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Purchasing an annuity directly from an annuity provider does not ensure you get a better rate.

Please note that this service is only available to customers in the Republic of Ireland

saving for life is an "Execution Only" service, and the contract will be between you and the annuity provider.

Currently, the only contract available on these terms through is with Zurich Life. This should not be interpreted as a recommendation.

 Zurich Life Assurance plc

Zurich Life Assurance plc is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.